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The Ecosystem for Female Entrepreneurs

There are many graphics that show the power of the male networks that supports male founders. There have been articles about the powerful and exclusive boys club. Men connect by doing business, sharing deal leads, playing sports, providing funding, and passing the hat around the table to support their buddies. It is human nature to hang with people you know and like and are similar to you. You feel comfortable and you don’t have your sense of self or ideas challenged by anyone. All of this is understandable even when it has adverse consequences.

Women of all ages are looking for ways to advance and champion each other. There are some established groups that were trailblazers as well as many new organizations springing up with purpose and commitment to open access and funding opportunity. We need all of this and more.

We have identified the organizations that have a primary and demonstrated commitment in one or more of these areas: women entrepreneurs; women building tech; women angel investors and women professional venture investors.

All of the companies and organizations in our graphic spend their time and money in the pursuit of equal access and opportunity for women and outstanding companies. This is a new age of action oriented initiatives where you use your influence and money to change things around. We did our best to include the companies we know but there are probably more to include. If you know of any additions please contact us at Keep in mind that they have to service one or more of the 3 categories above and this has to be their primary focus. Thank you.

Deborah Jackson

Ecosystem Raising Capital

Ecosystem Support Women


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