Crowdfunding Success: Karla Lemmon

Karla Lemmon raised $7,765 on Plum Alley to develop an app for parents to pack, plan, and connect with their children while they’re away. Below, Lemmon reflects on the crowdfunding process.

Were there any unforeseen challenges or easy spots that you encountered while raising money?

Right before I started the campaign, I decided to leave my corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full time.  I shared the campaign site with many of my former co-workers as an introduction to my new venture without actually asking for financial support.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support I received from this simple act.

What did it feel like when you realized you’d hit your goal?

I felt both excitement and relief knowing that all of the hard work had been worth it.

What role did social media play in your campaign?

I used Facebook, LinkedIn, and especially Twitter consistently throughout the campaign.  I’m not sure that I can directly correlate funds to the use of social media, but what it did do was get me exposure and a following that I wouldn’t necessarily have gotten so quickly.  Between my friends’ social sharing and my own, a much larger audience became aware of Little Peanut on the Go.

Were you glad to have raised 30% before going live? Did it help?

Raising 30% before going live gave early momentum to donations.  It also indicated confidence in the concept and in me.

What’s next?

I have started marketing efforts for Little Peanut on the Go and am deciding whether to move ahead with a similar smartphone app for pets.

Thank you everyone for your support, I am extremely grateful!



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