5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Plum Alley’s Managing Director, Jan Mercer Dahms, recently attended Entrepreneur Magazine’s 7th Annual Growth Conference 2015 in Miami, an annual meeting of business experts, bestselling authors, and entrepreneurs to talk about startup life, mentorship, marketing, and funding via crowdfunding. Jan has summarized the five takeaways for startup founders from the conference. Here they are:

  1. Get others—your fans—to produce content about you. Objective 3rd party shout outs are the best referrals, especially if those 3rd parties have large social networks.
  2. When targeting media, be very specific. Answer who, what, when, where, and why. And stand out.
  3. Look for small publications to help you promote. Only pitch those media that have exactly the same demographic as you’re targeting.
  4. Look at your human assets. Know the people behind your company. An engaging personality attracts fans and users. You are the best marketing tool in the shed.
  5. Think about the culture of your company all the time. Truly care about your employees, guide them, inspire them, bring out the passion in them. This is how you build a great company.

You can also watch Jan’s video here to hear about why crowdfunding is a smart first step before raising future rounds of capital.


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