The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Plum Alley has long been active in the fight against human trafficking, sex trafficking in particular. In fact, Plum Alley and Girl Develop It built an interactive game to teach people about the horrors of sex trafficking at a weekend long hackathon where 18 women participated. The game was set on the 2014 Super Bowl in New York because the number one place where sex trafficking occurs is in and around the Super Bowl.

On another front, our founder Deborah Jackson had the honor of interviewing Somaly Mam, a former victim and hero for human trafficking, at an 85 Broads event last year. The moving video can be see here.


We mention this to show that the team at Plum Alley cares deeply about a project that is now live on our funding platform. The project Shine A Light On Modern Day Slavery’ is a music project by singer-songwriter Joy Lippard, who uses her talent to shed light on modern day slavery. You can hear her first song for the album on her site The project is nearing its goal and is 68% funded. Please contribute and share on social media as every bit matters! Thank you.



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