Finding My Tribe

Last year I got an invitation to listen a group of women entrepreneurs to pitch their projects at an event hosted by Plum Alley. One by one they presented their ideas and passionate speeches, stories of quitting jobs and pursuing dreams flow from every pore, and as the crowd warmed up to the stories my internal empathy meter was already hitting sky high, I had finally found my tribe.

Soon after the presentations I spoke with every single presenter and even got the chance to approach the founder Deborah Jackson to talk about the idea behind Plum Alley and show her my magic box full of ideals and projects, from those one in particular stood out, Be-Girl. This project focuses on designing reusable sanitary pads to address the needs of girls in challenged conditions to provide them with essential products for them to manage their menstruation.


This project was the center of the conversation and few days later I already had a full network of fantastic people like Sophie Wade from Flexcel who is part of the Plum Alley network and has been an amazing coach in finance and marketing, thanks to her network I was able to publish my work “Empowering Women by Design” in the Huffington Post, and amazing platform that has launched our work to the stratosphere. Exposure, preparation and opportunities are only a few of the benefits that were available to me in a healthy ecosystem like the one created by Plum Alley.

Whether you are looking to shape, explore, or manifest your ideas or need precise assistance to wrap up something that is already a craft, setup your soapbox and share your projects because here you not only have an audience but tons of extra hands to help you reach those goals. So feel free to dream, empower and reach out, I am sure if you are here it is because you just found the right tribe.

Guest post by Diana Sierra


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