4 Days Left: Smart Women, Smart Ideas

One of the great things about crowdfunding is that creators can get proof from the community that there is interest in their project. That has happened for the project Smart Women Smart Ideas—SWSI. They reached their funding goal in the first 30 days on Plum Alley and are able to seek additional funding before the deadline of their funding on December 22nd. The creators Suzette, Marci and Heidi have released new rewards including two 7-day vacations in Mexico. Fund their live show for women entrepreneurs and also go to Mexico! Smart Women Smart Ideas is a reality show about women entrepreneurs (think TV show Shark Tank, minus the sharks) who pitch their companies to investors with hopes to obtain funding.

maxresdefault (1)

They have a stretch goal of $30k to make their pilot production even better, and are seeking your support during their final 4 days! For every dollar they receive over $25k, they will donate 5% to Kauffman FastTrac to fund scholarships (full or partial) for women to take entrepreneurial FastTrac courses around the country. If that’s not enticing, Mexico Vacations to Cancun or Playa del Carmen are available at higher contributions.

For a sneak peek at some “Smart Women” videos, profiling the Founders of Flywheel, Plum Alley and the former head of Rachael Ray Digital, you can visit SWSI.









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