Closing In On Funding Goal: Bella Minds

195 people already pledged over $17,000 for Jenn Shaw’s Bella Minds, to teach women in rural areas tech skills for employment. Jenn grew up in rural Nebraska and moved to NYC to pursue a tech job. She knows first hand that women, particularly older women in middle America, do not have the classes or communities to help them learn much needed skills. Jenn wants to change that by running the first tech program for 25 women in rural America.

Jenn is a natural leader having already launched a 2,000+ strong group of NYC women in tech who support one another. She cares so deeply about her dream that she quit her corporate job this month for her funding campaign and to give it her all. I saw her mom started a twitter account to support her daughter. Another person said on twitter, “Don’t buy me a drink for my birthday instead contribute to Bella Minds.” If Jenn reaches her goal, the New Yorker will write about how her program to show how important this is. Here is the ask: Please go and fund Bella Minds. For a long time people have been saying we need more women in tech. Here is a way to start that. We need your support.

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